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Sarah Thompson

I`ve been battling with constipation, anxiety and excess worry since I was in my twenties. I`ve been to the doctors, had a milk allergy test, been prescribed lactulose and left to bloody well get on with it. I`ve tried various diets, turned pescatarian, dabbled with veganism and consulted with a nutritionist. I`ve taken probiotics and I`ve bought various supplements but still the discomfort and worry continues….

12 months ago I had a operation and since then my symptoms have got progressively worse accompanied by the menopause.
I`d met Tania from Vibrant a while ago, liked her page and followed her on Facebook.

During lockdown, I gathered up the courage to contact Vibrant and the same day a friend rang me to share her very positive personal experience of Vibrant having seen me `like` her posts. (what a coincidence)
Tania got back to me with a friendly phone call and recommended a course of action.

I followed her advice to the letter and was in daily contact. Each time Tania reassured me and kept me on the right path.
Within a week my digestive transit had dramatically improved to a daily bowel function. Within a month I was feeling MUCH better in myself, calmer and worrying considerably less. Tania explained that constipation equals anxiety (worry).

I`m coming to the end of month 2 with Tanias support and I can honestly say I wish I had met Tania 35 yrs ago. How different would my life have been. How different would my relationships have been if I had felt less anxious and worried.

Having Tania to hand hold, to be there to offer advice and to know how to sort my tummy out has been the best thing for me. I am more productive, I`m happier and calmer. I`m so glad I found Tania (who I refer to when talking to my friends as `My Tummy Lady` has made such a difference to the quality of my life. Thank you Tania for your help so far.

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