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About Tania

At Vibrant in the heart of Darlington, I am committed towards education and promotion of Holistic and digestive health which in turn helps you experience true beauty, vibrant health and complete well-being.

Tania’s work is unique. She offers cutting edge, digestive and hormone protocols that bring together the modern advances in nutrition and highly effective, tried and tested Kinesiology. She is also an EFT Advanced Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) and a Reiki Master.

Her clinical interest is in the gut, brain, mind and body connection, and she specialises in gut health, hormone dysregulation, stress and anxiety.

About Bonnie

Bonnie is renowned for her approach as she is calm, empathetic and centred and she ensures she takes away the stress from these treatments to renew, revitalise and replenish her client’s digestive system.

Her clinical interest is gut health and the gut brain, mind and body connection. Using her wealth of knowledge and experience in Colonic Irrigation/Hydrotherapy, Food Intolerance Testing and Mora Therapy allowing her clients to feel focused and empowered to achieve balance in their gut health and emotional state. Bonnie offers sessions in clinic only at Vibrant.

Here is why you will make the right choice as you decide to visit Vibrant for a therapy or consultation:

  • Digestive health is my exclusive focus area. Your immune system can sometimes get compromised due to lack of optimum digestion, assimilation and elimination. Improper digestion, combined with the modern day stress can result in accumulation of toxins, which in turn is an invitation to parasites, scavengers and infections that destroy the natural balance in your gut flora. This leads to disease condition and lack of vitality.
  • I want to help you regain your strength and energy by focusing on the problem you are facing. Our plans are therefore personalised for you and include a combination of nutrition and lifestyle management therapies.
  • I help you prepare for your treatment. Prior to your treatment, you receive a set of instructions that enable you to decide on the things that you should be doing before the start of your therapy. My consultations ensure that your treatment is tailored for you to receive what is best for you, based on your goals.
  • I will provide a personalised follow up plan that enables you to maximise the process of detoxification and experience great energy levels and optimum health even after treatment.
  • Vibrant Treatment rooms are sanitised and prepared for each therapy and our materials are single use disposable.
  • My focus is on organic, holistic therapies and products that can help you regain your health, re-balance your life and re-energise your body and mind.
  • I believe in and propagate use of real, organic supplements with no added synthetic components.
  • My online reviews are real and genuine.
  • I have received accreditation from I-ACT/ I-CHA and cater to the highest levels of professional excellence to enable our clients experience greatest standards in health and beauty.

Allow me to help you achieve your balance, rejuvenate yourself from inside out and feel in great shape – always. Book an appointment with me for any of our wonderful digestive focused treatments. Vibrant Clinic is based in Darlington, County Durham.

I believe in changing the world for good – one person at a time

Tania's Story

I am a Naturopath who helps my clients heal their digestive problems through optimum nutrition and non synthetic supplements. My first lesson in natural supplementation came when I was suffering from digestive disorders and diagnosed with IBS and Celiac Disease.

One day, as I watched a gardener tending to plants in his garden, I observed that the moment he noticed an unhealthy tree, he spent a lot of time inspecting its roots and then the soil around it. He would look at the leaves only briefly.

Once he was done inspecting, he would devise a plan around it – less water, more water, pesticides removal, fertilizers or other remedies that were readily available in his toolbox. As I watched this gardener for a few days and became inquisitive about the methodology the farmer used, I asked him about the reason why he wasted his time on the roots when the problem was clearly with the leaves.

The farmer’s response resulted in a transformational journey for me. He said – “I care about the roots because that is the way it was designed by nature, the health of your trees begins in their roots.” A few years down the line, I understood exactly what the gardener meant. As I struggled with my own digestive issues for 20 years, I realised that good medicine is similar to gardening.

Just as leaves need to be nourished through water, fertilisers and pest control, your body needs to be nourished through proper nutrition and supplementation along with controlling the factors that harm it. Imagine a tree with brown leaves. What I f somebody asked you to paint them green, just so that they appear healthy. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Similarly, approaching a disease condition merely by the symptoms it demonstrates and then just treating the symptoms is a ridiculous approach. Your body is just like the tree that needs nourishment from within.

I then began to tackle this problem holistically and decided to help myself as conventional medicine clearly did not work for me. Once I was successful in not only treating, but eliminating her digestive issues forever, my passion had to pursue holistic therapies further. What began as helping friends and family, turned into a career.

Today, I help thousands of clients achieve great digestive health, happiness and to achieve the confidence they deserve, through Digestive Health Consultancy, Food Intolerance Testing, Colon Hydrotherapy and Nutritional Guidance. I only use food and non-synthetic natural supplements as the medicine of choice for my clients. I have a passion and keen interest in helping people through healing their gut and giving back to the society by spreading my knowledge. I have been through the same things as you and want to let you know there is hope for you too, with Constipation, Bloating, Pain and Depression

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