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I pride myself on offering the best treatment to my clients in Darlington, County Durham and Middlesbrough and many surrounding areas and have helped many people to enjoy improved digestive health and wellbeing. Here you can read some testimonials from satisfied clients attesting to the effectiveness of my work. These Testimonials can be viewed at the Clinic in my testimonial book.


Just about to finish 3 months worth of vitamins recommended by Tania. She told me at the beginning it was an investment but honestly it was one of the most important investments I have ever made. Earlier this year I was so fatigued & felt so ill I was sleeping up to 16 hours a day, I was off sick & struggling through every day. Despite a raft of medical tests and appointments with a consultant the best they could tell me was I had residual inflammation from a viral infection in January. Tania was a bit of a long shot for me if I’m honest & I was incredibly sceptical. Fast forward to now & I can honestly say physically & mentally I have probably never felt so consistently good in my entire life. I am 2 months into a demanding full time job in the NHS, have taken up running & have covered 60km this month (having never run in my life). Feeling too tired to do something has gone from being the norm to becoming something that is a distant memory. I feel like a better version of me & it’s amazing. It wasn’t all plain sailing and I needed advice along the way from Tania who tweaked the amounts of vitamins I needed & I have learned so much as well about my own health. I couldn’t recommend this fantastic lady any more”

Vicky Smart

I found Vibrant Feeling through a recommendation of someone who had had severe IBS with all the pain, discomfort and depression this brings, and after a consultation with Tania and three months of vitamins, he is now enjoying a normal, happy pain-free life.  At 55, I had high cholesterol, was not sleeping well, lacked energy, was trying to lose weight and was about to start a busy full time job.  I knew I needed help, and after three months on a regime of vitamins from Tania and a low fat, high fiber diet, my cholesterol has dropped by 1.2 points to within normal levels, my sleep has improved, my digestive system is working better than it ever has, I have plenty of energy and I have lost over a stone in weight.  So many conditions are clearly associated with digestive health, which mainstream medicine does not acknowledge. I cannot thank Tania enough for the help she has given me and I would highly recommend a consultation with her.

Sarah Mitch

I had spoken to Tania following a miscarriage, my 4th miscarriage. Im also lucky enough to have a beautiful baby girl, 2 years old
After the last miscarriage, 2 after having my baby, I felt a bit lost and didn’t know where to turn to for help or advice. I’m a bit of a hippy having lived in Australia for 7 years and always entertained the idea that natural healing is best. I contacted vibrant feeling originally for a colonic, I told Tania what had happened and we had a lengthy conversation and she instantly made me feel at ease to be open and honest about my situation. Her advice and warm nature made me feel relaxed, she advised that initially the colonic wouldn’t be the best procedure and booked in an eft tapping session followed by a reiki I was apprehensive about my first tapping and reiki treatment but when I arrived my shoulders dropped and taking in the energy and feel of the studio and meeting Tania made me feel very comfortable and confident in her abilities. After tapping I felt relieved and ready for the next part of my treatment, I hadn’t realized how many emotional traumas had affected me and the reasons why I was miscarrying.
During the Reiki something happened to my body I can’t explain, I had a sudden urge to burst into tears, I felt a connection with lost loved ones, I had goose bumps, and it was an intense but very relaxing sensation. We worked on my reproductive area, Tania cleared a ‘blockage of sludge’ as she described and I felt it. And we planted the seed in and afterwards I left feeling like sunshine was bursting out of me! No word of a lie, pure joy and happiness and light as a feather! I have been taking the supplements that Tania recommended for 3 months now and I have just had a scan and am nearly 7 weeks pregnant!!!
I’m not a writer, far from it. I just wanted to put my gratitude to Tania and her amazing ability into some sort of words to help anyone else who might be in my situation and not know where to go for help. You should seek out Tania at Vibrant Feeling. She can help you. Namaste
Dawn Carrell

Hello Tanya 

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me with your treatments. can honestly say you have saved my life after being in the darkest place I have ever been. how my life has totally turned around how I can control my self and to be loved by someone so important to me. the positivity I have is absolutely astonishing and the energy I have right now every day is mind blowing I feel like I am the world’s best dad and boyfriend and totally believe in myself after not believing in myself at all

All I can do is thank you and I will be continuing to work with you 

best wishes

Rob x

Initially attended vibrant to have colon therapy.  I have always struggled with being bloated, lethargic and only going to the bathroom once every three days if not longer, which caused a lot of discomfort.  In addition to that my mental health was suffering and I developed anxiety and panic attacks.  Due to this I decided to look at more holistic approaches to help.  I conducted some research and come across vibrant (thank goodness).  I booked in for one session initially as I did not know what to expect.  

On arrival I was very impressed.  The facilities are like a very modern luxury spa.  Quiet, relaxing and opulent.  I was met by the lovely Bonnie who was conducting my treatment.  She put me at ease immediately and explained the procedure.  It was not embarrassing at all.  

Following on from the treatment, I quickly booked in another two.  Before my final treatment, Tania the owner, reviewed the vitamins I had been taking.  I was shocked to find that most of them were filled with bulking agents and were extremely low quality (no wonder I hadn’t felt any better).  We spoke about vibrant foodstate products and the difference between what I had been taking.  I decided to give some of vibrant’s products a go and I’m so pleased I did.  I can honestly say I feel 100% better than I did walking into the clinic for my first time.  I can breathe in my belly, I don’t look 5 months pregnant, I have energy, I’m sleeping so much better and I go to the toilet every morning.  

I just want to say thank you Bonnie and Tania, I feel like a new woman x

Best regards

Gemma Sparks

I have suffered with health issues for most of my life. My main problem was life long anxiety and fatigue which had a huge impact on my life and mental fogginess which was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate and make decisions. At the same time, underlying sinus issues and a sluggish digestion. My abdomen always felt bloated and I suffered pain in my right side after eating as if I was going to burst. All this was making me feel very lethargic and struggling to keep up with the pace of life. I did go to the toilet most days but never felt like I had a complete motion and I always had to strain.
Over the years I have tried almost every alternative therapy going and to their credit all had some slight benefit although it was only temporary as I couldn’t afford to keep it all going. I then started doing a lot of research myself about natural medicine and started taking very high quality supplements (very expensive) but still I didn’t feel the benefit they should have given and it was costing me a fortune!
I became very interested in the gut/brain connection and it was when I watched a documentary series about mental health and parasites that it was like a Eureka moment! It seemed unbelievable but everything seemed to fit.
That is when I searched for help and found Vibrant Feeling.
Tania is very confident about her success rate and not only extremely knowledgeable but she is so passionate about what she does. She is 100% focused and committed to getting results to make you better.
The Therapy Centre is a very relaxing place and although I was a bit anxious about having colon hydrotherapy, Tania completely put me at ease and the procedure is not in the slightest bit embarrassing. It was after the 2nd session that I felt the immediate relief, Tania had put me on a supplement protocol and I had been taking diatomaceous earth for a month to kill off any parasites. It was amazing to see what was coming out through the inspection chamber. I felt so much lighter and my belly was flat. My bowels were moving normally for perhaps the first time in my life. But the most significant difference I have felt is that I feel like I now have control over my own brain, no more anxiety and am able to think clearly and live my life. It was almost like something else inside me had been controlling me but now I know that it was…..parasites!
I am so grateful to Tania and so glad that my searches led me to find Vibrant Feeling.

Anne Ford

I visited Tania after some time feeling generally unwell, bloated, having dizzy spells and feeling low in energy. I had always thought I had some kind of intolerance to butter and cream but didn’t officially know what was the cause of my problems. Having visited Tania she identified my intolerance was for dairy and lactose. She also worked with me to aim to identify the root cause and recommended vitamins and minerals based on the ones I was lacking.
After a week I started to feel better removing dairy from my diet and taking the vitamins and minerals recommended. I haven’t had any of the previous symptoms and my energy levels increased as well as reduced brain fog and more clarity in thinking.
I would highly recommend Tanya and have been doing so to friends and family if they are experiencing issues.
Thank you Tania.
Victoria Armstrong

Following a recommendation from my daughter, I visited Tanya for Intolerance testing to review my health and wellbeing I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given and the results speak for itself.
For quite a long time I had been feeling unwell, low in energy, extraordinarily tired and fatigued and picking up constant illness and infection. Along with dry itchy skin, no appetite and poor digestive system. I was also suffering from phlebitis and auto immune deficiency. I also had anxiety and nervousness.
Following your advice having a dairy free diet and also taking the vitamins and minerals recommended within two weeks I started to improve and now 4 weeks later I feel fantastic. My energy is coming back day by day and the conditions I was suffering from have cleared. I cannot thank you enough.
Sarah Matt.


On February 16th I saw Tania after multiple months of struggling with my health. In 2018 I was diagnosed with Brochiectasis, which is a serious and often life limiting lung disease. In a bit of bad timing, I had also just embarked on my new career as a primary teacher. Not only is this a stressful and tiring job but as my chest consultant said ‘one of the worst possible jobs’ I could have chosen with the lung condition I have. After a winter of unrelenting work and being exposed to all the children’s bugs my health had taken a turn for the worse and I was barely managing to keep up with the demands of my job. My energy levels were rock bottom, my immunity was poor and I ended up catching everything off the children and missing more and more time off work. Tania was my last resort to see if she could help get my health and my life back.

After a comprehensive first session where we discussed in detail my various issues and concerns about my health, Tania created a tailored plan of supplements. Although I was initially a little dubious, I was willing to give pretty much anything a go if there was a chance it could improve my health. Within the first week of taking the supplements I noticed a difference in my energy levels. Within the first month I was feeling happier and more energised with people commenting that I seemed to have got my spark back! Since first taking the supplements I have not had a single day off work due to catching a bug or illness.

I am now heading towards month three of taking the supplements and I have gone from barely being able to manage a week of work without picking up a bug and struggling with terrible fatigue, to competing my horse most weekends, travelling away to a wedding and walking up peaks in the Lake District. The supplements have given me a new lease of life and I am so grateful to Tania for all her help she has given me. I remember in the first session her saying she has a 100% improvement rate and has never failed yet using the protocol she advices, truthfully I had some reservations about whether they could work such wonders. However, all I can say for people wondering whether to book a Digestive Consultancy and Food intolerance test with her and to give yourself a chance of getting better in a holistic way!!

Health is something we take for granted until we have lost it. I am so pleased I started the supplements to get mine back!

Jess Stone


For the last 3 years, I had slowly seen the deterioration in my daughter, constantly tired chest infection after chest infection and needing more and more antibiotics.

In fact I had more energy than her and at 24 she should have been so fit. At university she would weigh up going out with her friends against paying the price later with yet another chest infection and being totally exhausted, not normal in someone so young.

In July 2018 she got the devastating diagnosis of Bronchiectasis a condition usually seen in patients of 50yrs and over, where there is  widening of the lung structures which creates excess mucus and the increased risk of chest infections and can be life limiting. 

When she saw Tania in July 2018 she got the devastating diagnosis of Bronchiectasis a condition usually seen in patients of 50yrs and over and is where there is widening of the lung structures which creates excess mucus and the increased risk of chest infections February and told her about everything Tania was 100% confident she could restore her immunity which had been weakened the excessive antibiotics. I desperately wanted to believe her but as this really was our only hope I was cautious about this success rate. 

Within days of starting the supplements the difference in energy levels was amazing and now 2 months later she managing to have a social life as well as working and making plans for weekends and holidays. The promise of restored immunity has happened I am so grateful to Tania quite simply we have our daughter back.

Thank you so much Tania

Ann Stone


I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of getting a colonic… and after going on a bit of a health kick I decided to give it a try to help me lose some weight. Understandably nervous when I first arrived, Tanya made me feel so welcome and Vibrant’s entire “vibe” if you will puts you at ease, the cleanliness of the place, the professionalism, the friendliness, I instantly felt at ease. 

As we got started Tanya asked me some questions linked to the medical questionnaire I’d completed before coming – which I’d put I had no digestive problems whatsoever, no bloating, ibs, nothing, everything was fine… or so I thought! 

The amount of air pockets coming out was unbelievable, which showed just how bloated I actually was but strangely enough didn’t even realise! It’s just something I’d learnt to live with for years. Through having a consultation with Tanya I realised just how many of my health problems were linked to my digestive system, from athletes foot, to low moods, the list could go on! I’d also been away on holiday and having animals in the house, all my symptoms were pointing to having something parasitic in my system. Which sounds terrifying doesn’t it! Luckily enough, there are way to get rid of them. Tanya talked me through what she was doing all the way through the treatment so I knew what was happening, it is the strangest feeling in the world but the whole process of having the colonic does not hurt at all! The tube going in is uncomfortable but quick and painless, the whole process is a strange feeling but not painful.

After the treatment I felt instantly better – which is strange as I didn’t even feel “bad” before. Tanya gave me some vitamins and supplements to help tackle all the different elements we’d discussed and was told to take them for 3 months. Two weeks in I wasn’t really sure I was feeling a difference, but my husband and I went away for the weekend and I left my supplements behind, and by day 2 of being away I was feeling awful! I didn’t realise the difference they were making until I was without them. 

I think what I loved most about going to vibrant was the aftercare treatment. It would be easy for Tanya to tell me to keep getting colonics to help clear my system but the supplements are what’s going to tackle the problem and I’m in month 2 now and still feeling fab. Whenever I have a question about anything, she is on hand to answer and help me. It is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done and feel better in my body than I’ve felt in years! 

Margaret Smith


Without sounding dramatic, the very fact that I am here and able to write this testamonial is thanks to Tania.

Having been left to suffer, physically, emotionally and mentally by the NHS I have at least been able to call on Tania for help in getting me through some truly dark times.

Prior to 2014 I had a combination of bowel related problems (probably stemming from a case of severe food poisoning in 1997 / 8 and several car accidents in my early twenties).  However, i was able to manage my symptoms (generally bloating on the right had side – ileocecal valve not opening properly, difficulty getting waste away / feeling of incomplete evacuation).

A procedure to ‘make me better’ was carried out in 2014, and lets just say that I should be taking the NHS to court for mis-selling.  The procedure had the complete opposite effect a dn gave me a hold load of other problems to deal with.  Now instead of IBS (which is what the NHS call it when they don’t know what the problem(s) are, i have severe Obstructive Defaecation Syndrome, which is, not other way of putting it, HORRIFIC.  Its like trying to poo behind two closed doors – you feel the waste there, but it doesn’t come out.

I’m not going into details, but suffice to say the things that I have to do just to get through each day are…………well, no human being should have to do them.

Tania has been there for me, getting me in at short notice for colonics (the alternative being going to hospital to be told, yes, impacted, take a load of laxatives and enemas (which make the tight muscles even tighter)), or even just dismissed and told go away, its just IBS or all in your head!!!!!

She has been helping me on and off since she opened Vibrant, whether this be via a colonic, a phone call or a text or email to advise and reassure me.  We’ve not always seen eye to eye on things, but sometimes that is because i have found it difficult to take an objective view of my symptoms, and it is so easy to panic and throw money at every treatment and supplement available.

Tania has never (in my opinion) looked at the financial aspect and though, here we are, have lots of colonics and take lots of my supplements.  She has used her experience and knowledge to advise when treatments are a good idea, when they are not, and what supplements will help and hat to avoid if getting them from elsewhere.

For me, a colonic is not the same as for most other people – it can almost make the situation worse as the water does not simply drain away as with ost people.  Think of my problem as someone standing on the end of a pipe (no matter what is inside that pipe) and then trying to empty that pipe.  Bowel muscles at the bottom end so traumatised and tight they try and keep everything trapped inside, despite the muscles higher up trying to push waste out.

There is so much more I could say, but really the important thing is to say that I wouldn’t have come as far as i have without Tania, and as i started, I probably wouldn’t be here now if not for her.  

Adrian Smart


Client A

Client A came to me feeling overweight and unable to lose it.  She also suffered from bowel problems and depression and was on medication for these  After having a series of colonics and taking food-state supplements she was able to come off her medication.



Client B

Client B came to me with severe bloating issues.  You can see the amazing results after two colonics a  food intolerance test and food-state supplements.



Almost three months ago I went to Vibrant feeling to see Tania.. before going I felt the lowest I had felt in my life.

At age 25 I am a mum of a livewire 2 year old and I do lead a busy life.. I was exhausted felt sick all the time and so sluggish in Every way.. . depressed and have been on antidepressants for two years and had been in the past.. I was bloated still struggling to lose my baby weight … I had horrendous loose stools and they had got progressively worse over 6months .. I was eating a reasonable diet or so I thought and not one over the counter supplement seemed to work.. constant throat infections 5 bouts of shingles and cold sores ear infections …my menstrual cycle was all to pot and I felt how could i care for my child when I couldn’t cope with my own health… my first meeting with Tania she did a good allergy and vitamin deficiency test which brought a lot to light.. foods I ate a lot of i was Intolerant to and needed to limit .. tania provided me with supplements I needed and after 1 month I felt a bit brighter and i certainly lost weight and stopped bloating I was sleeping better and eating sensible and making wise food choices .. I could have  a little of my food  had a intolerance to and I found in moderation I could still enjoy them as treats… after two months I feel amazing I have came off my antidepressants and my body feels back to normal I have tons of energy and feel so happy and positive even my menstrual cycle is back to normal .. I have also since feeling better been for two colonics so far and have noticed such a difference in my energy levels and bloating and weight loss.. however I will say  for it to work you must be determined and committed to limit your food intolerances take the supplements and stick to it … Tania will 100 percent support you through it all..she’s an amazing therapist and you do feel like you’ve known her years when you speak to her.. it’s changed my life all my friends and family see a huge difference in me and so do I… from the bottom of my heart Tania thank you I have my life back and can enjoy it with my family and little girl.

Zip Wayworth



In July 2017, I was suffering with a number of complaints including IBS, high blood pressure, and severe joint pain in the knees, that had meant cancelling two planned trips abroad, one to Brittany and one to New York, due to my pain and very limited mobility. I was walking with the help of a stick.The medical profession wanted to treat my problems with yet more and ever more damaging pain killing drugs and then even more drugs to counteract the toxic effects of those. For the digestive problems, I had just had a third operation, which was unsuccessful, so was basically told that I would just have to take laxatives for the rest of my life, which upset my stomach.For the joint problems, I was told that I needed both knees replacing and was on the waiting list for these operations.At 62, I felt old, weary and worn out with pain.Many years ago, I had seen a programme on TV about food therapies that had cured many peoples acne, digestive issues etc. So I decided to see if there were any alternative therapies that might help me and thankfully I found Tania in Darlington and had a MORA food intolerance test and a consultation.The results showed various food intolerances and a few vitamin and mineral deficiencies and so I cut out those foods and started taking the vitamins and minerals suggested by Tania. 

The results after just one month were amazing.I have been able to stop taking the laxatives, came off the Naproxen painkillers, cancelled the knee replacement operations and threw away the walking stick.After 1 year of the new regime, everyone I meet tells me how incredibly well I look – my blood pressure is down, my digestive issues are under control and last Sunday I walked 7 miles to help celebrate 100 years of women getting the vote, without the aid of a stick and with no more than the normal pain of the stop/start walking of such an event. I recently flew to visit my friends in Brittany and also to Chicago and have regained my energy, my sparkle and my life. 

Thank you so much Tania. I now feel 53 instead of 73 and recommend Tania’s treatment to all my friends.

Warmest regards

Lusia Brown



If only more people opted for such ways of finding healing instead of prescriptions the world would be a healthier place. My gp told me to take medication to lower “unwanted systems” Vibrant, through food sensitivity testing and continuing support are helping me heal from the inside and hopefully eradicating the actual cause. In my case, it’s not just about what I am sensitive too but also about what’s happening in my body and which minerals and vitamins am I lacking and thus hindering my heath rehabilitation. Get it done. It’s a great insight.


Amanda Jayne

As a Health Practitioner, I have no hesitation in recommending Tania MacDonald to my clients. She has a professional and friendly approach and her Studio provides the right environment with state-of-the art equipment. She is a godsend to the North East.


Cynthia A. Sillars DipIK, KFRP, BRC

After over 20 years of suffering from constipation I decided to try Colon Hydrotherapy, after just 2 sessions with Tania at the Vibrant I started to notice a marked improvement on the frequency of my bowel movements and the ongoing benefits this treatment has had to me. I now have two treatments a year and now find that I rarely suffer from constipation and, when I do, it only last a couple of days (instead of weeks as before) and then I am back to normal! Thank you Tania.


Valerie Palmer, Graphic Designer aged 48

Excellent service can’t thank you enough for helping me find the root cause of my issues. Highly recommend vibrant for food sensitivity testing. Very professional.


Tabi Younis

Tania is absolutely fantastic. She was really informative and gave me great insight into changes I should make and also recommendations she gave me on things such as alternatives to e.g. sugar etc. But importantly the information given to me were tailored to me and my lifestyle.


Selina Tsang

Thank you Tania the results were great and make so much seen on why I feel how I do. I cannot wait to start on my new programme!! Xx

I just wanted to write a quick update following my food analysis tests. Since removing dairy from diet my asthma has improved 100%!! I have been able to stop taking my daily tablet and one of my inhalers. I occasionally use my ventolin when training but now I can start running again. I cannot thank you enough my breathing has never been so good even though I have always trained. I cannot wait to get my hair analysis done xx


Claire Hubbert

Amazing results and feedback, feel so much better now i understand my food intolerance’s and also whats going to benefit me and my body! can’t thank you enough! ill be definitely keep in touch:)


Holly Fitzsimons

Amazing, left my bloated feeling behind and regained my confidence. I can now get on with day-to-day things and not have to worry about anything.

This is truly a life changing experience. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Fantastic. Amazing. Left me feeling so, so great and energised.

Absolutely fantastic. I feel 10 times better already. My bloated stomach has now gone. I have been to see someone else for a colonic but I can definitely say this is 100% better than the last one. I will definitely be returning for lots more. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you very much.

This is my third treatment of colon hydrotherapy and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have been re-educated on eating habits and certainly feel so much better and will continue to have regular treatments.

I feel fantastic after being so tired for a couple of weeks. The room is so clean and I felt really relaxed.

Had a great result every time I have been to you. The room is spotless and you make me feel at ease. Thank you.

This place is the most comfortable place I have ever seen. I think the treatment is marvellous. Thanks.

First time treatment. Not as bad as I thought. Think the environment is fabulous and your approach to inform me and put me at my ease was fantastic. Thank you, I will be back.

Lovely, friendly atmosphere. Felt very relaxed and at ease. Can’t wait to come back.

Lovely, relaxed atmosphere, clean. Tania really informative – feel loads better within myself. Great, thanks – I’ll be back.

Tania was lovely and knew a lot about what she does. It was strange, feeling sick a bit etc., but I would definitely recommend her to my friends. I look forward to getter better. She is a very caring person.

Tania was friendly and informative – will be back!

Today was my first treatment. I felt I was made to feel welcome and relaxed as soon as I entered the shop. Will definitely be coming back.

I have always been made to feel very relaxed and comfortable every visit. I have suffered with constipation and chronic fatigue for years and have noticed a huge difference with the colonic treatments. My skin has improved and I have loads more energy. It has taken six treatments and it has been well worth it.

Felt very nervous. I was soon put at ease. Not as bad as I thought. You made me feel very relaxed and much better now that I’ve had it done. Thanks Tania.

Excellent, felt nervous at first but Tania was great, putting me at ease. Will definitely be back.

Tania makes you feel very at ease and the time seems to pass very fast. Nice and clean. I’ll be back.

First treatment, felt nervous but was put at ease straightaway. Booked again for next appointment – felt a release straightaway and fingers crossed that it helps me!

Scared of the unknown, but a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and feeling lighter and more comfortable straightaway. Definitely coming back.

Very relaxed atmosphere and not at all scary. Felt better afterwards and will return for further treatments.

I have had problems for such a long time but after only two treatments I feel tons better. Thank you so much Tania.

I was so scared, very nervous. It was so relaxing – it’s working – booked for next treatment. Feel much better. Thank you.

Very nervous, put at ease straightaway. Have booked for another treatment, feel two stone lighter.

Very relaxing. Felt at ease almost straightaway. Good result after first treatment and booked for a second session. Excellent.

Having treatment elsewhere. I can honestly say this is a great place. Put at ease and will be back soon. Excellent place.

Felt at ease the whole time. Feel cleansed and refreshed. Will recommend.

Very easygoing person. Made me feel at ease throughout treatment. Definitely felt benefit.

Feel great. New man. Thanks.

Heartburn gone after first session. Stomach gone down and got into jeans again. Great!

The Northern Echo article brought me here. Excellent treatment (Aged 92).

Tania, you are amazing. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. 10 years of pain will soon be gone. Thank you so much.

Tania is fantastic at putting you at ease and she knows her stuff! Thanks.

First time not as embarrassing as I thought. Tania makes you feel at ease. Explained things well. Will be back.

Fantastic service. After a slow start due to my condition, the knowledge and understanding of Tania and following treatments have produced amazing results. Great service – stick with it and enjoy feeling good!

Excellent, made me feel relaxed and explained really well.

Uncomfortable during, but Tania made me feel at ease. Felt fantastic afterwards. Really light and elated. Very clear-headed. I’ve been recommending the hydrotherapy to everyone I know.

Wow. Brill. Fantastic. Tania you’re a star. You got me through a tough time. Now I can face the world again.

Very helpful and very professional. Thank you Tania.

Was dreading the treatment but was put at ease and enjoyed the experience and would do it again. Thank you.

Have had one before and this time got amazing results.

Brilliant, put very at ease and a lovely atmosphere. Thank you.

Amazing! Much better than I expected and will definitely be back.

Very professional – not embarrassing at all. Really felt at ease and relaxed. Thank you.

Great experience. Felt totally at ease. Will definitely do it again. Feel great! Many thanks.

Fab! Felt totally relaxed throughout – highly recommend. Don’t worry! Thanks

Very professional. Made to feel at ease from the start. Thanks.

Not embarrassing at all. Left totally at ease.

Very relaxed atmosphere. Wonderful experience. Will definitely come again. Feel 10lbs lighter!

I felt really relaxed. Lovely atmosphere. Will be coming again.

Really relaxed. Friendly atmosphere. Tania is a total colon expert! Feeling lighter and will definitely be returning.

Very enlightening, professional, personable and relaxing from the start. No moments of uncomfortable-ness. Will recommend to family and friends. Will be returning again.

Relaxed, professional, great experience. Highly recommended.

Enlightening, professional and informative. Felt very comfortable and relaxed. Have recommended to friends and will continue treatments.

Very professional – loved it. Will recommend to family and friends. Made very comfortable.

This was my first time. Tania made me totally relaxed. I will recommend her to family and friends. Totally professional. Thank you.

No way near as bad as I expected. Will be back.

Not sure what to expect but Tania was very professional and friendly. Treatment was “interesting” but not too uncomfortable. I’ll be back!

Really amazed, was incredibly nervous but no need to be. Definitely going to return again soon! Who knew you stored all that poo in there!

Very professional service. Great therapist and put me at ease. Very clean. Process was simple, well explained and very discreet. Definitely coming back.

Amazing experience, will definitely return. Not only do I feel better but more educated about my own body.

After three sessions, I feel so much better. Wonderful experience. Tania is very friendly and professional. Will recommend treatment to anyone.

Very professional. Tania put me at ease and the session was over before I realised.

Very professional. Had colonics at a previous place and this was a better service. Felt very comfortable and will come again.


I feel wonderful, amazing, much better than I expected. Thank you Tania so much.

Start of a long journey I think! Will keep on going until I get to the end!

I feel great. Lots better than previous colonics. More relaxed – much more comfortable. Great.


Thank you so much Tania, my bowels now work and I have loads more energy. All aspects of my life have improved.

I feel great – see you again.

First time. Great experience. Am sure it won’t be the last!

First time experience. Was very relaxed and look forward to seeing results.

A great sense of relief – will be back for more.

Fantastic – Tania lovely and made me feel so relaxed. Will be back soon.

Very good treatment. Felt very relaxed and will be back.

Very comfortable and felt relaxed throughout.

My first colonic. Thank you for making me feel so relaxed!

Wasn’t anywhere near as scary as I thought. Will return as good result! Thanks.

Fantastic – can I come back – thank you.

Very interesting and relaxing. I will definitely be back. Thanks.

Treatment was very relaxing. I was put at ease. Very professional.

Feel reassured that my problem will be solved. Looking forward to next treatment.

Professional and really pleasant. A very purposeful experience!

Made me feel at ease immediately. Very professional. Will be back!

Fab. Tania very knowledgeable on GI problems. Excellent result for bloating and good to have aftercare advice.

Felt very beneficial. I felt at ease and quite relaxed. Definitely will come back.

Very easy and educational. Enlightened by procedure. Can’t wait for the next session.

Very professional, I felt comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process.

First visit. Felt very comfortable and relaxed. Explained everything thoroughly. Will come for a second visit.

Felt nervous at first but was soon put at ease and will definitely come again.

Apprehensive initially, but put at ease very quickly. Will definitely come again.

First time – interesting! Thanks for putting me at ease. See you soon.

Second visit, great success again. Feel 100% better. Made to feel very much at ease and relaxed.

Second visit. Very relaxing and time passed so quickly. Feel great. Thanks Tania.

Third visit. Very comfortable. 100% better. Excellent results. Thank you Tania.

First visit. Not as bad as I thought at all. Booking for next one today. Feel great and Tania really put me at ease. Thanks.

First visit. Amazing. Will definitely be back. Felt very at ease.

Very Informative , not unpleasant, was very interesting to find out about colonics.

Loads of information provided about the colonic, felt really comfortable and at ease.Will certainly be back for more. Not unpleasant at all.

Much more pleasant than expected, Good results and would highly recommend.

Tania was very welcoming,putting me at ease straight away. Very informative re colonic and digestive system. Will be back for another in these lovely surroundings.

Felt very relaxed from start to finish.All fears quickly to rest with Tania’s friendly approach.

hopefully on the road to recovery! Very relaxed, not as scary as expected. Cant wait for my next appointment!

Very welcoming, relaxing enviroment. looking forward to next treatment.

Amazing, Tania was welcoming , friendly. I would definitely recommend this treatment.

10/10 Tania makes it a relaxing , informative treatment- put at ease!

Absolutely Amazing, First time, feel good straight away.

Lots of information given, very helpful. Amazing result, feel better straight away.Will definitely be back and highly recommend.

Very relaxing and catered to my issues. Very generous. Recommend to others without a doubt.

Lots of good information given, Will definitely be back. Looking forward to feeling the results. Will be telling my friends.

Amazing looking forward to a healthy gut and have been given endless information and help.

Feel instantly less bloated! Will definitely recommend to everyone I know.

Felt instantly reassured and look forward to feeling less bloated with 5he help of tania.

Great light Feeling.Loads of good information also.

Great treatment – Highly recommend it!

Good result throughout. Had me at ease from the moment I stepped through the door.

Great to have the answers and results, looking forward to the journey ahead!

Great information.Really opened my eyes to cause. Treatment great!

Interesting procedure, which made me think of my diet. Information was great and looking forward to my next one.

Good information given, fab results.

What a wonderful experience, Tania is full of knowledge and experience.

Was made to feel very relaxed from the start, afterwards felt less bloated, will be back again, thank you.

Very informative. Not unpleasant – was interesting to find out about it.

Loads of information provided about the colonic, felt really comfortable & at ease will certainly be back for more. Not unpleasant at all. Very happy customer 😊 .

Much more pleasant than expected good results would recommend. Very Happy.

Tanya was very welcoming putting me at ease straight away. Very informative re colonic & bowels will be back for another in lovely surroundings very happy.

Felt very relaxed from the start to finish. All fears quickly put to rest with Tanya’s friendly approach. Thank you.

Hopefully on the road to recovery! Very relaxed, not as scary as expected. Can’t wait for my next app! Thank you very much!

Very welcoming, relaxing environment. Looking forward to next treatment. Thank you x.

Amazing Tanya was welcoming, friendly I would definitely recommend this treatment! Thank you x

10/10 Tanya makes it a relaxing informative treatment – put at ease! Xx

Absolutely brilliant first time feel good straight away xx will come again 100%.

Lots of information given, very helpful. Amazing result, feel better straight away will definitely be back and highly recommend to others.

Very relaxing & catered to my needs. V. generous. Recommend to others no doubt.

Lots of good information given. Will defiantly book in again. Looking forward to feeling the results. Will be telling friends.

Amazing looking forward to a healthy gut and endless information and help.

Felt instantly less bloated! Will definitely recommend to everyone I know.

Felt instantly reassured and look forward to feeling less bloated with the help of Tania X

Great light feeling. Loads of good information also.

Expert treatment – highly recommended.

Good result throughout. Had me at ease from the moment stepped through door.

Great to have answers and results look forward to journey ahead.

Great info given. Really opened my eyes to cause. Treatment great!

Interesting procedure which made me think of diet Information great looking forward to next one.

Good info given, fab results.

What a wonderful experience, full of knowledge & information.

Was wonderful made me feel very relaxed and I highly recommend it.

Made to feel relaxed from the start, after feel less bloated. Will be back, Thank you.

Felt very relaxed and had an amazing experience – would definitely recommend.

I loved it so so much, so relaxing it was amazing! XO

Very professional service made to feel very comfortable throughout, looking forward to next time! X

Another great result! Be back again soon – Thanks Tania x

Very lovely & informative with the food test excited to follow instructions & get better * come back! Thank you!xx

Tania is so lovely & great at putting you at ease. Her knowledge & professionalism is fantastic, thank you see you again.

First colonic, made to feel really relaxed & comfortable. Will definitely be back. Thank you so much! xx

Feel like a new woman already first time and will definitely be back soon. Tania was great.

Very impressed, Tania very professional, felt wonderful – after colonic Tania made me at ease will be back xx

Great experience. Tanya out me at ease throughout the whole process. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Tania out me at ease straight away as I was very nervous, an amazing experience feels great will be back. xx

Excellent advice and guidance will recommend and be using in the future x.

Very professional, great first time, felt great.

Recommend great service very friendly and great info given.

Very knowledgeable, great service highly recommend.

Very friendly excellent service highly recommend.

Feeling loads lighter! Relaxed & informative service.

Repeat customer results are better and better in terms of feeling. Friendly and very knowledgeable.

Very relaxed and knowledgeable service,, thank you.

Highly recommend, knowledge and helping me feel relaxed second to none, I will be back.

Highly recommend, never felt better in years TY 😊.

Felt very safe. Would highly recommend without a doubt – Brilliant 😊.

Highly recommend! Relaxed & fell great.

Feel so good, glad I did it.

Great service, very professional 😊.

Very friendly and made me feel at ease! Highly recommended.

Great service and very friendly.

Excellent service . Very professional.

Bizarre experience to go through but thoroughly professional and sensitive approach.

Excellent service weird at first but then feeling the results!! Excellent.

Really relaxed but still professional. Really knowledgeable and would highly recommend.

Really made me feel at ease, what would of felt like an embarrassing experience wasn’t at all. Would definitely come back for more.

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic practice. Highly impressed & happy.

A really calm and knowledgeable lady. I would recommend her greatly.

Felt amazing not as bad a you initially think – will come again.

My first visit, I cannot believe all the rubbish which came out! I feel less bloated already, a very relaxed professional experience. Thank you!

Very professional, extremely knowledgeable & able to make you feel at ease.

Very friendly service. Tania was very welcoming and I would definitely recommend.

Very welcoming, good knowledge. Felt at ease & happy.

Very professional & very knowledgeable 2nd visit, the aftercare from Tania has been second to none!

Excellent. Made me feel very comfortable and explained everything clearly.

Lovely & friendly, felt very relaxed and comfortable, will be back!

Made me feel at ease, really lovely.

Very welcoming,, Great service.

Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and I would highly recommend

A very professional lady made to feel really comfortable, 5 star treatment will highly recommend.

Totally made me feel at ease, very friendly & professional.

Had colonic, informative and knowledgeable experience.

Came for a colonic and it was great. Not as weird as you think.. Very professional service.

A really lovely experience with a very warm professional. Learned a lot to take forward. Thanks 😊 Would highly recommend.

I had a colonic, very professional lady knows her stuff.

Very good and professional service in relaxing atmosphere.

Been nearly 10 years since my last one – way to long – Tania is very professional, knowledgeable experienced will be back very soon!!

Felt immediately at ease with Tanya who talked me through the process in full my 1st colonic and not as bad a I expected.

Amazing treatment today Tania is so friendly. Her knowledge is so helpful, feel like I’ve had a therapy session! Love her!

Made me feel so at ease so informative and friendly. Would highly recommend.

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