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Lusia Brown

In July 2017, I was suffering with a number of complaints including IBS, high blood pressure, and severe joint pain in the knees, that had meant cancelling two planned trips abroad, one to Brittany and one to New York, due to my pain and very limited mobility. I was walking with the help of a stick.

The medical profession wanted to treat my problems with yet more and ever more damaging pain killing drugs and then even more drugs to counteract the toxic effects of those. For the digestive problems, I had just had a third operation, which was unsuccessful, so was basically told that I would just have to take laxatives for the rest of my life, which upset my stomach.For the joint problems, I was told that I needed both knees replacing and was on the waiting list for these operations.At 62, I felt old, weary and worn out with pain.Many years ago, I had seen a programme on TV about food therapies that had cured many peoples acne, digestive issues etc. So I decided to see if there were any alternative therapies that might help me and thankfully I found Tania in Darlington and had a MORA food intolerance test and a consultation.The results showed various food intolerances and a few vitamin and mineral deficiencies and so I cut out those foods and started taking the vitamins and minerals suggested by Tania.

The results after just one month were amazing.I have been able to stop taking the laxatives, came off the Naproxen painkillers, cancelled the knee replacement operations and threw away the walking stick.After 1 year of the new regime, everyone I meet tells me how incredibly well I look – my blood pressure is down, my digestive issues are under control and last Sunday I walked 7 miles to help celebrate 100 years of women getting the vote, without the aid of a stick and with no more than the normal pain of the stop/start walking of such an event. I recently flew to visit my friends in Brittany and also to Chicago and have regained my energy, my sparkle and my life.

Thank you so much Tania. I now feel 53 instead of 73 and recommend Tania’s treatment to all my friends.

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