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Becka Sneddon

So grateful I found Tania at Vibrant! Her knowledge and support has been second to none from our very first appointment back in November. 

Following no sense from our local doctors I decided to take my 1 year old son for one of Tanias intolerance tests as knew it was more than just baby eczema he would have huge skin flare ups, explosive nappies along with mega discomfort more days than not. Tania confidently pin pointed his intolerances and allowed us knowledge of how to move forward and what supplements etc would contribute to gut healing to help on our journey. 

Now in January just 2 months later my sons skin is amazing, still with the odd flare up but the improvement is unbelievable. He seems much more settled in himself and such a happy little boy! 

Couldn’t recommend her enough, thank you so much Tania x

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