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Anne Ford

I have suffered with health issues for most of my life. My main problem was life long anxiety and fatigue which had a huge impact on my life and mental fogginess which was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate and make decisions. At the same time, underlying sinus issues and a sluggish digestion. My abdomen always felt bloated and I suffered pain in my right side after eating as if I was going to burst. All this was making me feel very lethargic and struggling to keep up with the pace of life. I did go to the toilet most days but never felt like I had a complete motion and I always had to strain.

Over the years I have tried almost every alternative therapy going and to their credit all had some slight benefit although it was only temporary as I couldn’t afford to keep it all going. I then started doing a lot of research myself about natural medicine and started taking very high quality supplements (very expensive) but still I didn’t feel the benefit they should have given and it was costing me a fortune!

I became very interested in the gut/brain connection and it was when I watched a documentary series about mental health and parasites that it was like a Eureka moment! It seemed unbelievable but everything seemed to fit.

That is when I searched for help and found Vibrant Feeling. Tania is very confident about her success rate and not only extremely knowledgeable but she is so passionate about what she does. She is 100% focused and committed to getting results to make you better.

The Therapy Centre is a very relaxing place and although I was a bit anxious about having colon hydrotherapy, Tania completely put me at ease and the procedure is not in the slightest bit embarrassing. It was after the 2nd session that I felt the immediate relief, Tania had put me on a supplement protocol and I had been taking diatomaceous earth for a month to kill off any parasites. It was amazing to see what was coming out through the inspection chamber.

I felt so much lighter and my belly was flat. My bowels were moving normally for perhaps the first time in my life. But the most significant difference I have felt is that I feel like I now have control over my own brain, no more anxiety and am able to think clearly and live my life. It was almost like something else inside me had been controlling me but now I know that it was…..parasites!

I am so grateful to Tania and so glad that my searches led me to find Vibrant Feeling.

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