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Adrian Smart

Without sounding dramatic, the very fact that I am here and able to write this testamonial is thanks to Tania.

Having been left to suffer, physically, emotionally and mentally by the NHS I have at least been able to call on Tania for help in getting me through some truly dark times.

Prior to 2014 I had a combination of bowel related problems (probably stemming from a case of severe food poisoning in 1997 / 8 and several car accidents in my early twenties). However, i was able to manage my symptoms (generally bloating on the right had side – ileocecal valve not opening properly, difficulty getting waste away / feeling of incomplete evacuation).

A procedure to ‘make me better’ was carried out in 2014, and lets just say that I should be taking the NHS to court for mis-selling. The procedure had the complete opposite effect a dn gave me a hold load of other problems to deal with. Now instead of IBS (which is what the NHS call it when they don’t know what the problem(s) are, i have severe Obstructive Defaecation Syndrome, which is, not other way of putting it, HORRIFIC. Its like trying to poo behind two closed doors – you feel the waste there, but it doesn’t come out.

I’m not going into details, but suffice to say the things that I have to do just to get through each day are…………well, no human being should have to do them.

Tania has been there for me, getting me in at short notice for colonics (the alternative being going to hospital to be told, yes, impacted, take a load of laxatives and enemas (which make the tight muscles even tighter)), or even just dismissed and told go away, its just IBS or all in your head!!!!!

She has been helping me on and off since she opened Vibrant, whether this be via a colonic, a phone call or a text or email to advise and reassure me. We’ve not always seen eye to eye on things, but sometimes that is because i have found it difficult to take an objective view of my symptoms, and it is so easy to panic and throw money at every treatment and supplement available.

Tania has never (in my opinion) looked at the financial aspect and though, here we are, have lots of colonics and take lots of my supplements. She has used her experience and knowledge to advise when treatments are a good idea, when they are not, and what supplements will help and hat to avoid if getting them from elsewhere.

For me, a colonic is not the same as for most other people – it can almost make the situation worse as the water does not simply drain away as with ost people. Think of my problem as someone standing on the end of a pipe (no matter what is inside that pipe) and then trying to empty that pipe. Bowel muscles at the bottom end so traumatised and tight they try and keep everything trapped inside, despite the muscles higher up trying to push waste out.

There is so much more I could say, but really the important thing is to say that I wouldn’t have come as far as i have without Tania, and as i started, I probably wouldn’t be here now if not for her.

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