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After months of tummy aches for our 6 year old daughter and always pale and feeling run down we visited the doctors a couple of times but never got any real answers to her problem. 

We had already taken her off wheat and dairy but to very little effect we decided to make an appointment for a sensitivity test with Vibrant Feeling.

Thanks to the results of the test we discovered the many sensitivities she had to specific foods; and so Tania set her on a course of natural vitamins and nutrients to improve her gut and general well-being.

Three months on and wow!  She has improved immensely and so much so her tummy aches are all but gone and she can actually tolerate bread, pasta and dairy etc; albeit in small portions.

Tania’s knowledge is amazing and her passion is huge; and with the aftercare that she provides we keep in touch to continually monitor our daughters ongoing progres

Tania, we can’t thank you enough to see our little girl playing so carefree now and not missing out on life due to the constant pain she was suffering. 

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