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Hopi Ear Candle Treatments In Darlington

Vibrant feeling Wellness clinic offers this wonderful relaxing Hopi Ear Candle treatment in Darlington with one of our Qualified and Experienced Therapists.

Hopi ear candling creates a feeling of warmth and balance, dispersing tension in the ears, head and sinuses. These organic candles create gentle suction, easing pressure in the ears and softening built-up wax. The treatment is finished off with a pressure point massage to complete the effect.

If you suffer from stress, tension headaches, earache, or are a frequent flyer, this is the perfect choice for you.

Benefits of Hopi Ear Candles

  • A gentle and relaxing treatment which leaves you with a pleasant sensation of warmth
  • Softens built up ear wax
  • Relieves pressure in the sinuses, ears and head, which results in a feeling of greater clarity
  • Can relieve headaches and earache
  • Can relieve ear pain for frequent fliers and people with swimmer’s ear
  • Can relieve feelings of stress and make you feel more peaceful and calm
  • Is an excellent option for frequent fliers as it will restore balance and relieve pressure in the ears
  • Is a holistic treatment which uses natural ingredients
  • The treatment is combined with a relaxing massage

Before your treatment begins, you will always be made fully aware of any potential reactions and effects you may experience. There will sometimes be significant signs of the body returning to its natural equilibrium; this is referred to as the healing crisis. It is likely that you will not experience any kind of reaction at all, but you will still be fully informed so you can be prepared for all eventualities. Some of the possible reactions include:

  • A notable increase in the production of mucus from the nose, as the sinuses are unblocked and drained.
  • A sensation of fullness in the ear canal, as the ear wax expands after treatment due to being hydrated.
  • A headache or feeling of light headedness; this is a result of the body eliminating toxins and a boost in circulation
  • A tired feeling, which often leads to a feeling of being revitalised and energised
  • An increase in emotional sensitivity
  • A temporary impairment of hearing due to the expansion of wax. Further treatments may be required to completely dislodge the earwax so that the body can expel it naturally.

You will be given aftercare advice to help you enjoy the best results from your treatment and ensure that you remain healthy, safe and happy in the days following ear candling.

  • Do not swim or submerge your ears in water for at least two days after undergoing ear candling.
  • Your ears may feel more sensitive, so if possible, avoid exposing them to cold winds and draughts. Wear a hat to protect them in cold weather.
  • If you experience problems with your sinuses, try reducing your intake of dairy products. These can increase the body’s production of mucus and lead to sinus discomfort.
  • Never insert cotton buds or anything else into your ears to clean them, as this can harm the eardrum.
  • Reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol and drink more water to improve hydration.
  • Give yourself time every day to relax and de-stress.

Disclaimer: Hopi Ear Candles is not intended as a replacement for GP consultations or medical care, and our aftercare tips are not intended to override dietary advice from your GP. Always consult your doctor if you think you may have a health problem.