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Zip Wayworth

Almost three months ago I went to Vibrant feeling to see Tania.. before going I felt the lowest I had felt in my life.

At age 25 I am a mum of a livewire 2 year old and I do lead a busy life.. I was exhausted felt sick all the time and so sluggish in Every way.. . depressed and have been on antidepressants for two years and had been in the past.. I was bloated still struggling to lose my baby weight … I had horrendous loose stools and they had got progressively worse over 6months .. I was eating a reasonable diet or so I thought and not one over the counter supplement seemed to work.. constant throat infections 5 bouts of shingles and cold sores ear infections …my menstrual cycle was all to pot and I felt how could i care for my child when I couldn’t cope with my own health…

My first meeting with Tania she did a good allergy and vitamin deficiency test which brought a lot to light.. foods I ate a lot of i was Intolerant to and needed to limit .. Tania provided me with supplements I needed and after 1 month I felt a bit brighter and i certainly lost weight and stopped bloating I was sleeping better and eating sensible and making wise food choices .. I could have a little of my food had a intolerance to and I found in moderation I could still enjoy them as treats… after two months I feel amazing I have came off my antidepressants and my body feels back to normal I have tons of energy and feel so happy and positive even my menstrual cycle is back to normal .. I have also since feeling better been for two colonics so far and have noticed such a difference in my energy levels and bloating and weight loss..

However I will say for it to work you must be determined and committed to limit your food intolerances take the supplements and stick to it … Tania will 100 percent support you through it all..she’s an amazing therapist and you do feel like you’ve known her years when you speak to her.. it’s changed my life all my friends and family see a huge difference in me and so do I… from the bottom of my heart Tania thank you I have my life back and can enjoy it with my family and little girl.

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