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Vicky Smart

Just about to finish 3 months worth of vitamins recommended by Tania. She told me at the beginning it was an investment but honestly it was one of the most important investments I have ever made. Earlier this year I was so fatigued & felt so ill I was sleeping up to 16 hours a day, I was off sick & struggling through every day.

Despite a raft of medical tests and appointments with a consultant the best they could tell me was I had residual inflammation from a viral infection in January. Tania was a bit of a long shot for me if I’m honest & I was incredibly sceptical. Fast forward to now & I can honestly say physically & mentally I have probably never felt so consistently good in my entire life. I am 2 months into a demanding full time job in the NHS, have taken up running & have covered 60km this month (having never run in my life).

Feeling too tired to do something has gone from being the norm to becoming something that is a distant memory. I feel like a better version of me & it’s amazing. It wasn’t all plain sailing and I needed advice along the way from Tania who tweaked the amounts of vitamins I needed & I have learned so much as well about my own health. I couldn’t recommend this fantastic lady any more”

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