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Sarah Mitch

I found Vibrant Feeling through a recommendation of someone who had had severe IBS with all the pain, discomfort and depression this brings, and after a consultation with Tania and three months of vitamins, he is now enjoying a normal, happy pain-free life. At 55, I had high cholesterol, was not sleeping well, lacked energy, was trying to lose weight and was about to start a busy full time job.

I knew I needed help, and after three months on a regime of vitamins from Tania and a low fat, high fiber diet, my cholesterol has dropped by 1.2 points to within normal levels, my sleep has improved, my digestive system is working better than it ever has, I have plenty of energy and I have lost over a stone in weight. So many conditions are clearly associated with digestive health, which mainstream medicine does not acknowledge.

I cannot thank Tania enough for the help she has given me and I would highly recommend a consultation with her.

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