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Natalie Brent

I came to vibrant in a state of complete desperation and I’m so glad I did! I’ve suffered for a few years with cystic acne and very painful flare ups. Over the last two years I also began to struggle with serious digestion problems that caused painful stomach issues and constant reflux.

After some research I thought I would give the colonic hydrotherapy a go to see if it eased any of my symptoms. The procedure itself was absolutely fine, I was made to feel very comfortable and Tania knew just how to help me relax throughout. I suffered with tiredness and an intense head ache afterwards which is known as the healing crisis due to me having high toxicity levels. But within a day or so I felt great, I was far less bloated, I was going to the toilet more regularly and not having any trouble with my digestion. I was sleeping much better and had more energy.

So I decided to book my second session and also book a skin and digestive consultation.

Almost 3 months after my consultation and my prescribed supplement regime my acne is almost completely gone. I have a glow to my skin and no painful cysts. Within the first month of being on the supplements I started to notice a huge difference in my energy levels and my brain fog seemed to disappear. I was suddenly more focused at work and felt a lot happier all round. With my digestion working a lot better I was also seeing some weight loss and less bloating. I’m definitely going to continue, finding vibrant has really changed my health and my life I’m so glad I took the plunge

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