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Kayleigh Ray

We cannot thank or recommend Tania enough for the help and advice she has given us with our baby boy. She saved our Christmas and my sanity!

I contacted Tania after six weeks of back and forth with our GP because I was really concerned with our 12 week old’s feeding. 

From about five weeks old we moved our little boy onto formula after combination feeding. His volumes started to increase but by six weeks we noticed a huge change in him. His stools became watery, he started projectile vomiting after his feeds, struggling to keep a full feed down and was really unsettled during his feeds, arching his back constantly. I took him to the GP who said it was silent reflux and was prescribed Gaviscon. He started to get progressively worse and after another two trips and multiple phone calls to the GP, was told that he may have a Cows Milk Allergy. We were prescribed three formulas in total over the space of three weeks, all of which just seemed to make things worse. After only 10-30ml of feed he would scream out in pain and cry inconsolably until he eventually cried himself to sleep. He would wake every 1.5 to 2 hours for a feed and we would repeat the same cycle over and over. I went through two weeks of being unable to put him down, this is when I found Tania because I really just needed some answers. 

I booked the allergy testing appointment on a Sunday afternoon and within an hour I had a phone call from her to find out what had been going on. After talking things through with her she gave me some advice to take away and try before our appointment. Within the space of four days the watery stools had stopped, his feed volumes increased significantly and for the first time ever, he went five hours between his feeds during the night. I had my happy, smiley little boy back – I couldn’t believe the change! 

We’re now two weeks in and his volumes have continued to increase and he is still going between 4.5-5.5 hours between feeds during the night. Tania was amazing, she was constantly in contact with us to check how he was doing and I finally felt like someone cared and had actually listened! After the advice alone we’ve seen a massive improvement, so much so, we haven’t yet been to get his allergy testing done but are planning to go and see her very soon to have this done. I dread to think how things would have still been now without her help and advice!’

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