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Jess Stone

On February 16th I saw Tania after multiple months of struggling with my health. In 2018 I was diagnosed with Brochiectasis, which is a serious and often life limiting lung disease. In a bit of bad timing, I had also just embarked on my new career as a primary teacher. Not only is this a stressful and tiring job but as my chest consultant said ‘one of the worst possible jobs’ I could have chosen with the lung condition I have. After a winter of unrelenting work and being exposed to all the children’s bugs my health had taken a turn for the worse and I was barely managing to keep up with the demands of my job. My energy levels were rock bottom, my immunity was poor and I ended up catching everything off the children and missing more and more time off work. Tania was my last resort to see if she could help get my health and my life back.

After a comprehensive first session where we discussed in detail my various issues and concerns about my health, Tania created a tailored plan of supplements. Although I was initially a little dubious, I was willing to give pretty much anything a go if there was a chance it could improve my health. Within the first week of taking the supplements I noticed a difference in my energy levels. Within the first month I was feeling happier and more energised with people commenting that I seemed to have got my spark back! Since first taking the supplements I have not had a single day off work due to catching a bug or illness.

I am now heading towards month three of taking the supplements and I have gone from barely being able to manage a week of work without picking up a bug and struggling with terrible fatigue, to competing my horse most weekends, travelling away to a wedding and walking up peaks in the Lake District. The supplements have given me a new lease of life and I am so grateful to Tania for all her help she has given me. I remember in the first session her saying she has a 100% improvement rate and has never failed yet using the protocol she advices, truthfully I had some reservations about whether they could work such wonders. However, all I can say for people wondering whether to book a Digestive Consultancy and Food intolerance test with her and to give yourself a chance of getting better in a holistic way!!

Health is something we take for granted until we have lost it. I am so pleased I started the supplements to get mine back!

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