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Dawn Carrell

I had spoken to Tania following a miscarriage, my 4th miscarriage. Im also lucky enough to have a beautiful baby girl, 2 years old After the last miscarriage, 2 after having my baby, I felt a bit lost and didn’t know where to turn to for help or advice. I’m a bit of a hippy having lived in Australia for 7 years and always entertained the idea that natural healing is best.

I contacted vibrant feeling originally for a colonic, I told Tania what had happened and we had a lengthy conversation and she instantly made me feel at ease to be open and honest about my situation. Her advice and warm nature made me feel relaxed, she advised that initially the colonic wouldn’t be the best procedure and booked in an eft tapping session followed by a reiki I was apprehensive about my first tapping and reiki treatment but when I arrived my shoulders dropped and taking in the energy and feel of the studio and meeting Tania made me feel very comfortable and confident in her abilities. After tapping I felt relieved and ready for the next part of my treatment, I hadn’t realized how many emotional traumas had affected me and the reasons why I was miscarrying.

During the Reiki something happened to my body I can’t explain, I had a sudden urge to burst into tears, I felt a connection with lost loved ones, I had goose bumps, and it was an intense but very relaxing sensation. We worked on my reproductive area, Tania cleared a ‘blockage of sludge’ as she described and I felt it. And we planted the seed in and afterwards I left feeling like sunshine was bursting out of me! No word of a lie, pure joy and happiness and light as a feather! I have been taking the supplements that Tania recommended for 3 months now and I have just had a scan and am nearly 7 weeks pregnant!!!

I’m not a writer, far from it. I just wanted to put my gratitude to Tania and her amazing ability into some sort of words to help anyone else who might be in my situation and not know where to go for help. You should seek out Tania at Vibrant Feeling. She can help you. Namaste

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