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Our son has been diagnosed as non-coeliac gluten intolerant. He has also been diagnosed as someone who is lactose/dairy intolerant. Both of these diagnoses were reached after being referred to a consultant. Before somebody put us in touch with Tania, cross-contamination was a big issue; even the slightest bit of gluten or dairy would trigger cramps and diarrhoea. Even though we’d cut out all dairy and gluten, we were still struggling with his occasional cramps and diarrhoea. We were spending £20-30 per week on free-from foods and not seeing the benefit. He also couldn’t seem to resist sneaking chocolate every now and then.

Even after the first few days of Tania’s recommended course, we saw a huge difference in our son. Within days he was more hungry than he had been for years. Over the weeks, he began to get more colour in his face and feel much more energetic. He then started to grow taller and put on weight. As his liver started to cleanse, he would then wake during the night. Tania tweaked a few things and we overcame this stumbling block. He is now a much happier, even-tempered, more confident young man – who even sleeps-in sometimes! He doesn’t want to sneak chocolate anymore because he is worried he will go back to feeling dreadful after months of feeling great.

We are in a position to try gluten and dairy again, but he’s happy on the free-from food now and can see the benefit of them. Even so, I have noticed that he isn’t having diarrhoea after I’ve accidentally used normal soy sauce when cooking, for example.

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