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My 10 year old son has spent probably the last year steadily changing from an energetic, can’t sit still, football loving ball of energy, to a child who constantly felt sick, lethargic and anxious. His stomach went from being ok, to having constipation or diarrhoea, often having to leave the dinner table to go to the toilet.  This went on for so long because at first it was really low level and we put it down to him having health anxiety and  wanting to escape meal times.  Eventually he had two episodes where he had so little energy that he could not get out of bed and felt really poorly.  The second time he was literally laid in bed for ten days.  Visits to the GP were fruitless and coeliac testing came back negative as did all other lines of investigation.  We began to worry that there was something seriously wrong.  Our child had no appetite and was declining foods that had once been his favourites, he lost 5lb in three to four weeks. We were referred to a paediatric consultant.

At this time we were desperate and has started to think it may be food related after realising the symptoms were so similar to coeliac disease. After researching what we could do ourselves, we came across Tanya at Vibrant Feeling. Not only did Tanya test for food sensitivity she gave advice about how to manage it, examples of alternative foods and gave us supplements that she said would get him back to full health within two weeks. I was hopeful but not convinced.
Within three days there was a difference. Our child was sleeping, more relaxed and saying he was starting to feel better.  Before the two week deadline Tanya had set he was pretty much back to full health.  It’s now been a month and he is back!  We have a diet plan that we are managing well. He himself is so impressed he is telling everyone about Tanya and making his own recommendations to friends, teachers and family! Tanya has remained in contact every few days ensuring we have felt confident and answering questions as they have arisen.

Three other families who we have recommended to Tanya have children who have been helped in a similar way and with the same efficiency and positive results.  We can’t recommend her highly enough.

We have yet to attend our paediatrics appointment which we have waited over two months for. Had we not visited Tanya he would still be in pain and struggling daily.  Instead he’s back to full health and getting on with his life!

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