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Since Bella was born I new there was something wrong such a milk intolerance, she had poorly tummy’s regular and eczema, I went to the doctors who prescribed steroid creams they would work but always came back. I worked finally got to try an allergy milk and it all went away, until I started her on the milk ladder, she then began to become constipated I thought she was fine with dairy now as she no longer had loose nappies or skin problems… fast forward to 2021 and her eczema became terrible, every morning she would wake up with a new patch. I contacted Tanya and straight away she was so helpful. I had a telephone consultation and she recommended some supplements and dietary changes, her skin became worse but Tanya said this would be normal as the inflammation had to come out somewhere. I was probably a massive pain constantly messaging Tanya about my daughters skin and she would always reply straight or call me to say it’ll get better and it has, the dietary changes weren’t as hard as I would of thought, her tummy is no longer ballooned, her skin is so so much better she is sleeping like a dream and it makes me so happy and less stressed. I can’t thank Tanya enough for all her help and support and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone suffering or their children. Doctors are just band aiding and treating the symptoms which obviously has not worked ! 

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