Tracy Blake

After suffering from chronic nausea, sickness, constipation, and lethargy (just to name a few) for around 11 years, I gave up with doctors and branched out looking for other options. I came across Vibrant Feeling and, after a few weeks of hesitation, I booked in for a session of colonic hydrotherapy. I can only say that I wish I had done it sooner! My anxieties were quickly squashed by Tania’s friendliness, she talked me through everything so clearly and instantly made me feel like I was finally getting the help I’d been looking for. No embarrassment, or feelings of unease that I had been so worried about! Since my first treatment, Tania put me on some supplements and I have seen very quick results. Following my second treatment, Tania amended my supplements and was very considerate with my budget which was much appreciated. I have not stopped raving about Tania since I met her and I am so excited to work with her to achieve a happier and healthier me!

Kayleigh Ray

We cannot thank or recommend Tania enough for the help and advice she has given us with our baby boy. She saved our Christmas and my sanity!

I contacted Tania after six weeks of back and forth with our GP because I was really concerned with our 12 week old’s feeding. 

From about five weeks old we moved our little boy onto formula after combination feeding. His volumes started to increase but by six weeks we noticed a huge change in him. His stools became watery, he started projectile vomiting after his feeds, struggling to keep a full feed down and was really unsettled during his feeds, arching his back constantly. I took him to the GP who said it was silent reflux and was prescribed Gaviscon. He started to get progressively worse and after another two trips and multiple phone calls to the GP, was told that he may have a Cows Milk Allergy. We were prescribed three formulas in total over the space of three weeks, all of which just seemed to make things worse. After only 10-30ml of feed he would scream out in pain and cry inconsolably until he eventually cried himself to sleep. He would wake every 1.5 to 2 hours for a feed and we would repeat the same cycle over and over. I went through two weeks of being unable to put him down, this is when I found Tania because I really just needed some answers. 

I booked the allergy testing appointment on a Sunday afternoon and within an hour I had a phone call from her to find out what had been going on. After talking things through with her she gave me some advice to take away and try before our appointment. Within the space of four days the watery stools had stopped, his feed volumes increased significantly and for the first time ever, he went five hours between his feeds during the night. I had my happy, smiley little boy back – I couldn’t believe the change! 

We’re now two weeks in and his volumes have continued to increase and he is still going between 4.5-5.5 hours between feeds during the night. Tania was amazing, she was constantly in contact with us to check how he was doing and I finally felt like someone cared and had actually listened! After the advice alone we’ve seen a massive improvement, so much so, we haven’t yet been to get his allergy testing done but are planning to go and see her very soon to have this done. I dread to think how things would have still been now without her help and advice!’

Becka Sneddon

So grateful I found Tania at Vibrant! Her knowledge and support has been second to none from our very first appointment back in November. 

Following no sense from our local doctors I decided to take my 1 year old son for one of Tanias intolerance tests as knew it was more than just baby eczema he would have huge skin flare ups, explosive nappies along with mega discomfort more days than not. Tania confidently pin pointed his intolerances and allowed us knowledge of how to move forward and what supplements etc would contribute to gut healing to help on our journey. 

Now in January just 2 months later my sons skin is amazing, still with the odd flare up but the improvement is unbelievable. He seems much more settled in himself and such a happy little boy! 

Couldn’t recommend her enough, thank you so much Tania x

Davina Parker

I took my son to see Tania in October he had been having stomach pains and diarrhoea for 3 months some nights he would be crying in pain,  we had been to the doctors and hospital countless times they couldn’t find anything wrong. Tania tested him on her machine and recommended a 3 month course of vitamins and cutting down on some food groups , after a few days he felt better with only the occasional stomach ache if he overindulged on certain foods within 2 months he was completely fine with no stomach pains and he can eat all his favourite foods again.  I highly recommend Tania and her machine! We were at our wits end with doctors basically saying he’s faking it and there’s nothing wrong with our son but now he’s back to his self. Thank you!

Tracy Fenburn

After suffering with issues for around twenty years, and following a particularly prolonged period of constipation, I booked a session of colon hydrotherapy with Tania.

With Tania’s warm manner and amazing knowledge I immediately felt at ease and knew that I was in safe hands. Having discussed my on-going problems with Tania, we decided that I would begin a three month course of supplements.

I did not expect to see immediate results but within a few days I went from at best bowel moments every 5 days, at worst once in three weeks, to once every day or every other day. I have recently finished my first month of supplements and have had a second colon hydrotherapy session. This session I couldn’t believe how good the result was and had such a feeling of release.

I’m excited to see what the next two months of treatment will bring.
I cannot recommend Tania highly enough. Though for some, gut health may be a bit of an embarrassing subject, you can rest- assured that with Tania you will feel relaxed, safe and informed.

Natalie Brent

I came to vibrant in a state of complete desperation and I’m so glad I did! I’ve suffered for a few years with cystic acne and very painful flare ups. Over the last two years I also began to struggle with serious digestion problems that caused painful stomach issues and constant reflux.

After some research I thought I would give the colonic hydrotherapy a go to see if it eased any of my symptoms. The procedure itself was absolutely fine, I was made to feel very comfortable and Tania knew just how to help me relax throughout. I suffered with tiredness and an intense head ache afterwards which is known as the healing crisis due to me having high toxicity levels. But within a day or so I felt great, I was far less bloated, I was going to the toilet more regularly and not having any trouble with my digestion. I was sleeping much better and had more energy.

So I decided to book my second session and also book a skin and digestive consultation.

Almost 3 months after my consultation and my prescribed supplement regime my acne is almost completely gone. I have a glow to my skin and no painful cysts. Within the first month of being on the supplements I started to notice a huge difference in my energy levels and my brain fog seemed to disappear. I was suddenly more focused at work and felt a lot happier all round. With my digestion working a lot better I was also seeing some weight loss and less bloating. I’m definitely going to continue, finding vibrant has really changed my health and my life I’m so glad I took the plunge

Kay Smith

After suffering with bloating and stomach issues for years i decided to book an appt with tania to see if she could help at all, I’m so glad i did as after tanias help and advice I feel much better and have much less bloating and problems all round. Tania is extremely knowledgeable, i couldn’t recommend her enough thanks so much for your help. 

Caroline Cookson

I started on Tanya’s vitamin regime after a friend highly recommended her and had seen digestion and gut transformation in days without altering her diet. 

Unfortunately it didn’t work like this for me, and I struggled with diarrhoea for weeks and weeks. If it wasn’t for the fact that by then not only was my friend taking the supplements but also 3 other people that we knew and they were all getting on fine and had seen improvements, I don’t think I would have continued with them. 

However, I am so pleased I did, because gradually things just got better to the point now where I rarely feel bloated or uncomfortable and feel so much better in myself in almost every way. 

I have continued on with the supplements beyond the 3-months I had intended, because I feel that it took a while for me to turn the corner and I am trying to put right a lot of years’ worth of wrong.

Chris Miller

Vibrant provide a thoughtful, respectful and professional service.  It is great to have this clinic and the dedicated and careful attention to detail is very much appreciated. I have taken up the three month plan to clear my bowel and get my health on track.  If you have digestion and related issues I would recommend a consultation to look into what they can do for you. 

Sarah Thompson

I`ve been battling with constipation, anxiety and excess worry since I was in my twenties. I`ve been to the doctors, had a milk allergy test, been prescribed lactulose and left to bloody well get on with it. I`ve tried various diets, turned pescatarian, dabbled with veganism and consulted with a nutritionist. I`ve taken probiotics and I`ve bought various supplements but still the discomfort and worry continues….

12 months ago I had a operation and since then my symptoms have got progressively worse accompanied by the menopause.
I`d met Tania from Vibrant a while ago, liked her page and followed her on Facebook.

During lockdown, I gathered up the courage to contact Vibrant and the same day a friend rang me to share her very positive personal experience of Vibrant having seen me `like` her posts. (what a coincidence)
Tania got back to me with a friendly phone call and recommended a course of action.

I followed her advice to the letter and was in daily contact. Each time Tania reassured me and kept me on the right path.
Within a week my digestive transit had dramatically improved to a daily bowel function. Within a month I was feeling MUCH better in myself, calmer and worrying considerably less. Tania explained that constipation equals anxiety (worry).

I`m coming to the end of month 2 with Tanias support and I can honestly say I wish I had met Tania 35 yrs ago. How different would my life have been. How different would my relationships have been if I had felt less anxious and worried.

Having Tania to hand hold, to be there to offer advice and to know how to sort my tummy out has been the best thing for me. I am more productive, I`m happier and calmer. I`m so glad I found Tania (who I refer to when talking to my friends as `My Tummy Lady` has made such a difference to the quality of my life. Thank you Tania for your help so far.