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New Year, New Me?

December 2017

How many times have I said that? Let alone read it, heard it, sang it, done an interpretive dance to it and made fun of it!

I’ve lost count of how many inspirational films, novels, self help books, YouTube videos, blogs, Pinterest boards and magazine articles I have given my time to with this lingering sense of longing to change and not really having any understanding of why I wanted this change, what I wanted or how and where to begin.

But there I was; 29; perpetually single; starting over (again) after a nightmare ordeal with what was supposed to be my dream job; swimming (drowning) in unemployment and quite possibly the very lowest I had ever felt in my life.

Thankfully, something wonderful happened when acting upon a passing recommendation. I was talking to someone about my ongoing nightmare with acne and they recommended a colonic treatment and consultation with Vibrant in Darlington. Eager to try anything and everything to fix the problems I have with my skin, I called Tania and talked about the treatments and her area of expertise. After filling out a short medical questionnaire, Tania called me within 5 minutes to say she was certain that she knew what was causing my skin issues, digestive problems and even depression and anxiety. Even better, she knew how to treat them and had experienced very similar issues in the past that she was able to cure herself.

So, over the next few posts, I will be writing about the treatments and progress I have made over the last few weeks and will continue to write about my healing process. I hope that it will be some sort of catharsis and hopefully, help someone else!

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